WotF at the buzzer…wait, I already used a title like that…

The deadline for the Writers of the Future 1st Quarter of 2012 was last Saturday. I did get my story in on time, only a few hours before midnight.

The tragic thing is that I finished that story in mid November. Then I sent it to my readers with no real deadline to respond. Then I got busy with the Holidays. Then I realized that it was due at the end of the weak and I quickly gathered what responses I could from my readers just in time to edit, polish, tear apart, and rebuild my story in time to turn it in.

So far my goal to turn in a story every three months is intact.

WotF 4th Quarter at the buzzer

Alright, alright, three and a half hours early isn’t exactly at the buzzer, but I’ve been working hard on that story all week and it very much feels like the last second.

So far, my resolution to submit to every quarter of Writers of the Future remains intact.

Story Submitted to Fantasy Book Review

Today, I submitted my Regency Era fantasy short story to the Fantasy Book Review Short Story Contest.

The results will be posted November 1, 2011. Wish me luck.