Yes, I Really Am Reading Five Books At Once

Here’s a screenshot of my Goodreads.


I’m currently reading The Count of Monte Cristo on my Kindle Paperwhite because I can do so late at night, in bed, in the dark. I’ve always wanted to read it and now I get to as research for my novel, which features a Napoleonic Era level of technology.

I’m listening to the audiobook of Guns, Germs, and Steel while I work at the office. It’s been recommended to me from many sources and it’s obviously well researched and clearly written. However, it’s painfully dry at times and it helps to have a narrator who will push forward even when you wouldn’t do it yourself.

A History of Warfare is more research and another recommendation. This is my carry-around-and-read book for car rides and other places I find myself wanting something to read.

What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew is a fun little reference book that is, yet more research. It serves mainly as my, ahem, bathroom book. What? It’s written to be read in sections anyway.

Here I am reading classic historical fiction and three non-fictions in mostly historical and anthropological flavors. Not exactly light reading. What book on my current reading list do I find most daunting? The epic fantasy A Crown of Swords. Go figure.

I’m reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time saga (that words gets overused, but 14 books that average 900+ per book is nothing if not a saga) with a friend. I also promised my brother that I would try to read the whole series when it was finally finished. So here I am, not quite halfway through and finding all kinds of reasons not to get back to it. It’s not that they’re bad, they’re just so very long and it takes quite a while to move most of the stories. The main character has been planning an attack on a rival ruler for, I think, two-and-a-half books now. Someone once said that you read 700 pages of a Robert Jordan book to get the payoff in the last 200 pages, and I’ve generally found that to be true. Most of the characters are likable and I’m curious to see where they go. Not to mention that the world building is second to none.

Still, of all my books, A Crown of Swords is the most daunting because it feels like I have to displace the weight of seven more volumes to turn each page. At least I’m learning new things while I procrastinate.

The Rant Preventer 2000!


Tired of losing time, money, friends, and sleep over the stupid things you’ve said on social media? Wish you hadn’t posted in the first place?

Finally there’s an answer!


The Rant Preventer 2000 is a small device that sits on or near your computer. Simply turn it on and it senses when you are drunk, medicated, or in a state of extreme emotional or mental agitation. When the RP-2000 senses one of these conditions, it automatically deletes whatever you are working on and cuts all communication between the computer and the keyboard. It will also display your choice of relaxing images and/or messages:

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Order now and we’ll send you the mobile version, the RP-3000 Mobile, absolutely free! The RP-3000 Mobile works just like the home computer version, but when it senses that you are in a position to¬†embarrass yourself, it shoots a cone of white noise in front of your mouth, preventing anyone from hearing what awful thing you were about to say and regret later.





I’m Not Losing Focus, I’m Multifocusing

I’m still working on my novel and I’m still on track to have a working draft by Dragon*Con.

Stop looking at me like I’m trying to justify myself and you’re not believing a word of it.

The truth is that the novel has become a bit of a grind lately, as most novels do at some point in the writing I’m sure. There are some really exciting bits on the horizon, and even some exciting bits to write right now, but I think my brain is calling out for a break. I’m still writing six days a week, though.

So I need a creative side project. Short stories are out because that’s just more prose writing and that’s what I need a break from. TV and video games are fun, but I can only play them so much before I start to feel icky and unproductive. Providentially, the chance for a great side project has presented itself in the form of the CoolMiniOrNot Expo that just happens to be taking place next month only minutes from my house and right next door to where I work.

How is this a chance to be both creative and productive? I have, in my closet, a prototype for a dice and card game that my brother and I cam up with about a year ago. The best way I can explain its premise is with this handy visual:

How could anybody resist that, right?

Because that isn’t enough, Daniel and I have started working on an even more complicated game that looks something like this:

So, best case scenario we show off our games to some industry big shots and sell them for a majillion dollars. If not, we’ve having an awful lot of fun doing it and I think it’s just the creative break my mind needs right now.