Things New to You and Storytelling Tips from Pixar

One of the great things about the internet is that things tend to stay up indefinitely. This does mean that sometimes you’ll never be rid of an embarrassing picture, but more often it means we’re free to stumble across articles and things we may have missed. We can discover these gems at a later date and share them with others!

Such is the case with this list of 22 Story Telling Tips from Pixar that I found the other day. Like any writing rules, they can be taken with a grain of salt and, as Barbossa would say it, “more what you’d call ‘guidelines.'”

What Really Happens When You Get Sucked Out An Airlock

adrift,astronauts,cartoons,emergencies,emotions,George,horrors,lifelines,lost,men,outer space,people,scared,science,space suits,technology,air supply,panicky,occupations,accidentsA while ago, I was in the midst of writing and planning a series of webcartoons. One of the jokes hinged on what happened when someone was exposed to the vacuum of space without a fully sealed suit. The joke called for them to become instant astronaut-sicles, complete with hilariously frozen expressions.

I didn’t want to rely on my shaky knowledge of space though, so I asked a friend who works in the space industry and he steered me toward this article on Gizmodo.

Good information, even if it did ruin my joke.

Hacking the human body?

This article about hacking the human body gives a few details about one pharmacologist’s idea of how we could reduce our impact on the environment.

I applaud the direction that he’s heading which is, in a nutshell, if humans ate less meat, were smaller, had fewer children, and were nicer we could save the planet and have more resources to share.

Fair enough.

The burning question in the back of my mind, however, is that if someone wants to make us smaller, weaker, nicer, and less in number, how is he avoiding accusations that he’s preparing us for an alien invasion, and not in a good way?