Lessons Learned and Moving Onward


My Kickstarter for The Tome of Ideas for Writers and Roleplayers was unsuccessful. It was, of course, painful in many ways but in many more it has been a wonderfully positive experience.

I tried something daring, I received critical praise from a host of talented professionals and interested individuals and most of all I learned a lot about myself. The pressures I handle well and those I don’t. The things I like to do and things I hope I never have to do again.

What went wrong? It could have been any number of things, many unknowable. There’s a big difference between an idea that people think is great and an idea that they want to spend money on. I personally think that the greatest failing of the project was something that I originally thought was one of its greatest strengths. The audience was unclear.

I made the assumption that because I am both a writer and a roleplayer than there would be many, many people like me, and I’m sure there are, but that thought lacked a crucial component. What about people who were one or the other? I think it’s likely that many writers looked at Tome of Ideas and said, “Cool, but it looks like it’s more for roleplaying.” My theory is that most roleplayers had the same thought in reverse. I could be wrong and it could be something else entirely.

Whatever the reason, Tome of Ideas needs some more work before it sees the light of day. I couldn’t be more grateful for an experience that didn’t pan out, but left me encouraged and excited to move on, both with this idea and with the many others that I have.

You haven’t seen the last of me. Not by a long shot.