What Really Happens When You Get Sucked Out An Airlock

adrift,astronauts,cartoons,emergencies,emotions,George,horrors,lifelines,lost,men,outer space,people,scared,science,space suits,technology,air supply,panicky,occupations,accidentsA while ago, I was in the midst of writing and planning a series of webcartoons. One of the jokes hinged on what happened when someone was exposed to the vacuum of space without a fully sealed suit. The joke called for them to become instant astronaut-sicles, complete with hilariously frozen expressions.

I didn’t want to rely on my shaky knowledge of space though, so I asked a friend who works in the space industry and he steered me toward this article on Gizmodo.

Good information, even if it did ruin my joke.

The Tribes We Lead

Here’s a link to a TED talk that I found particularly relevant lately.

Seth Godin on the Tribes We Lead

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