First Submission to Writers of the Future

Today I submitted my first short story to Writers of the Future. Some writers start to feel more anxiety at this stage, but to me, it’s a relief.

Maybe my story won’t connect with the right judge, or any judge, and maybe it’ll lose, hands down. That’s fine. My writing could certainly improve, but I’m confident that it won’t embarrass me.

If it comes back not a winner, I can just see about improving it and send it off somewhere else.

Wish me luck.

Why You Should Be Submitting to Writers of the Future Right Now

I don’t even remember when I first discovered Writers of the Future. What baffles me, is why I didn’t start submitting stories immediately. Here are the best reasons to submit your own work:

  1. It’s free: Completely and totally free. The founder of the contest, L. Ron Hubbard, designed it that way.
  2. You can submit every quarter: That’s four times a year that you can submit stories. The only things that disqualify you are winning the contest or garnering enough professional sales that you are no longer considered an amateur. Very much a win/win.
  3. The prizes are spectacular: I don’t mean the cash prized either, which are considerable for a contest that runs four times a year. Twelve winners a year are flown to Hollywood for a week-long workshop with professional authors and then a black tie awards ceremony in the room where they used to hold the Oscars.
  4. Judged by professionals: Kevin J. Anderson, Tim Powers, and Orson Scott Card to name a few.
  5. The contest is highly respected: Many, many past winners have gone on to not only make a living doing what they love, but have become bestsellers and living legends of speculative fiction. Rest assured, if you’re one of the twelve winners, it will get your foot in some doors.

This contest was a way for L. Ron Hubbard to give back to a community that made him rich, famous, and fulfilled. Even after he has passed away, he’s reaching out a hand to help new writers. There’s no good reason not to reach back.

Here are a couple of helpful links for more information:

The official Writers of the Future Website.

Winner Sean Williams giving a remarkable talk to new winners.