Eugie Foster 1971-2014

Local author Eugie Foster´╗┐ passed away today at a tragically young age. Eugie’s award-winning short fiction has greatly inspired and delighted me and it will continue to do so.

More than that, Eugie´╗┐, was a caring mentor to me on several occasions, offering advice on the writing business, contracts, and my own short fiction. We have laughed and talked and shared the special telepathy of the written word.

The whimsical magic with which she lived her life continues on through her prose. Though we have lost the physical presence of a friend, her beautiful ghost can yet keep us company.

Oxford Comma

I try not to get too worked up about things like this, but my personal style always been to use the Oxford comma despite what I was taught in school.


TedEd Video on the Oxford Comma.

Steampunk Stand Up at AnachroCon 2014


I’ll be performing as a one man variety show at AnachroCon 2014 this year in their Stand Up Comedy slot on Friday, February 14 at 11pm!

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